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FHA/Cash Out

FHA mortgages are for ALL homeowners. If you are just starting out or have less than perfect credit, an FHA Cash Out or Streamline refinance may be right for you. Qualifying credit requirements are usually lower than a conventional loan and the interest rates usually are too!

FHA Cash Out

Borrowing cash from the equity in your home with an FHA Cash Out refinance can be a more affordable option than using personal loans or your credit cards. We are here to help you reach your financial goals and FHA’s easier credit qualifications can give you the money for whatever you need at rates that are usually lower than a conventional mortgage!
United Trust Bank’s loan process is simple and easy too. Our experienced, licensed Loan Officers will walk you through the process from beginning to end. What might seem overwhelming and complicated will be explained to you in terms that you will understand. Let us help you on your way to financial stability with a debt consolidation / cash out loan today!

FHA Streamline

If you currently have an FHA mortgage, you can refinance it at today’s lower rates. An FHA Streamline requires less paperwork and faster closing times. The credit qualifications are easier, and you’ll save on your monthly mortgage payment!
Talk to our Loan Officers today about whether an FHA Streamline refinance is right for you!

See how much you could qualify for!